Aquarium Window Cleaning


With the launch of our latest range aquarium cleaning robots, we gave birth to a new era of cleaning underwater aquarium windows. The newest version forms the base of our range of robots. Its technology enables the robot to maneuver freely on any smooth surface is here.

It can move vertically as well as upside down, while staying attached to the surface. Moreover it has the ability to clean on curved surfaces down to a radius of 1m. Thanks to our new flex-scrapers, the aquarium robot cleans up to 200m2 in an hour in places where a diver can’t fit.

Attach the vacuum module and you can remove sand and other particles from horizontal surfaces. Naturally no matter what you may need your robot will arrive, packed in a flight case with a life line and a manual along with one extra set of batteries allowing for a total of 3 hours of cleaning.

The aquarium cleaning robot requires no special training. Just focus on the fun parts of working with the animals and create better experiences for the visitors.

Efficient Aquarium Cleaning

Efficient Aquarium Cleaning

Cleaning Aquariums Globally

Our cleaning robots have been used in the Dubai Aquarium, the Seaquarium in Mont Pelier, the Aalborg Zoo, the Aquarium de La Rochelle, the Cite de la Mer in Cherbourg, the Oceanographic of Valencia, the BioPark of Valencia the Acquario di Cattolica, the Blue Planet aquarium and others.

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Using the aquarium cleaning robot is safer, cheaper, faster and very flexible. It makes the windows of the aquarium shine, and allows visitors to clearly see through the glass or acrylic. Therefore they enjoy the aquarium to its full potential and thereby providing the best experience for the money.

Aquarium Cleaning Using a Robot

Aquarium Cleaning Using a Robot

Aquarium window cleaning

Aquarium window cleaning


Behind the technology of the latest range of aquarium cleaning robots, there is a team of dedicated specialists that keep the robots at its toes.


Please refer to our packages and do not hesitate to contact us for free consultation regarding the aquarium window cleaning robots.